How Can I Live Out GRACISM?

Building Relationships Mission Mississippi Style

 Relationships require Quality Time.

 We schedule what we value.  For a relationship to grow, it must be valued enough to invest our most precious resource – quality time.  We must give not only time, but important time, to make a relationship work. Left-over or “when we get to it” time will actually work towards a contrary end.  People who feel they are being “Squeezed in” will not feel valued.

Relationships require Personal Initiative.

Relationships require one or both persons to make contact – to make a move. The best relationships have an element of risk – of stepping beyond  insecurities and inviting another to a shared undertaking.   When we think in terms of serving rather than positioning, we open the door to the third requirement for a successful relationship.

Relationships require an Honest Exchange.

 Human nature resists discomfort and honesty.  Deep heartfelt honesty is or can be uncomfortable on many levels.  But once that type of honesty has occurred, the depth of relationship and intimacy grows exponentially or blossoms or bears fruit.  Vulnerable honesty creates a context of trust.  That trust becomes the context for shedding our emotional presuppositions and openly hearing the other person’s heart and perspective.  For racial healing to occur, honest instead of hard conversations must take place.